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Would you like to meet the folks who write our books?

Meet the Authors...

Kathy Baldock

Kathy Baldock is a straight Evangelical Christian, Executive Director of Canyonwalker Connections, speaker, blogger, author, and creator of the “str8apology” and “Wall of Love” actions at gay pride events. She is a prominent advocate for the inclusion and equality of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians in the conservative Christian church. Baldock has had several careers — as a civil engineer, a small business owner and salesperson. She is a daily hiker in her “sacred space” in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Nevada.

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Reverend Samuel Kader

Known for his thought provoking insights and teachings, Reverend Samuel Kader delivers informative spiritual lessons with a sense of humor. His calling to minister and educate all of God's children has taken him around the world, pastoring gay affirming Christian churches in Australia, Melbourne, and Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 1986, Rev. Kader founded the Glory of Christ Community Gospel Church in Dayton, Ohio where he resides with his spouse Gerald, and their dogs; Dusty and Dee Dee.


Samiel Kalin

Samiel Kalin grew up as the daughter of a fundamentalist Baptist minister from south Louisiana. As a child, she lived in New Orleans and later went to the University of New Orleans. Traumatic life events took her to Dallas, Texas soon afterwards. She has lived in the North Texas area for decades and found her calling in caring for others in hospice and end of life care.


Reverend Cecilia Wilson

Rev. Cecilia Wilson grew up in the United Pentecostal Church.  She knew early on that she would be a preacher when she grew up.  She attended Texas Bible College and was part of a team of students which held weekend crusades around Texas and Louisiana. 
All through her childhood and early adulthood, she wrestled with her gender identity.  This inner conflict caused her to leave the church and ministry behind so she would have time to resolve the issue of who she really was and did God make her this way.  In 1990 Cecilia made the transition and became the woman God intended her to be.  In 2000 she rededicated her life to God.  In 2007, God restored her to the ministry.  Today, Rev. Cecilia Wilson is an author and invited speaker at events within the transgender community.  She shares a message of Faith, Hope and Love at conferences and churches across the country.