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About Us

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A bit about our publishing company...

Are you thinking about finally writing that book you’ve always dreamed of authoring? If you are already working on your book, how do you publish and position it to bring attention and interest? Are you wondering how to get your book distributed more widely, in bookstores, and even other countries?

The key to a successful book is creative and dynamic strategy. CanyonWalker Press LINK has teamed up with an established book publishing consultant and publishing company, not only to publish the soon-to-be-released Walking the Bridgeless Canyon | Repairing the Breach between the Conservative Church and the LGBT Christian Community by Kathy Baldock, but also a range of other books that foster equality, diversity and advocacy.

CanyonWalker Press is actively seeking authors with books that will add momentum to to the movement.

Bob Bare

Along with Bob Bare, his publishing company and team to assist authors who have a message in the advocacy, equality, and diversity to become published authors. The team has experts in every area of book success who will guide you each step of the way. No matter where you are in the process of writing your book, you now have access to customized expertise to create, produce, launch, and promote your book(s).

Even if you have not written or finished your book yet, we can help. Available services include book strategy, writing coaches, assisted book writing (including ghost writers), all levels of editing and proofing, custom book cover design, and interior layout and design.

With Pastor Sam Kader and partner, Gerald.
Publishing “Openly Gay, Openly Christian” with CWP

If you have finished writing, or you have a previously published book you would like to republish in a new edition, CanyonWalker Press offers everything you need to get the book to market. You receive the ability to buy books at a low cost for your own distribution  while CanyonWalker Press handles publishing, book store distribution, and book marketing promotion and overall guidance.


Simply provide your vision and writing, and CanyonWalker Press takes care of the rest.

Every project is different. To find out if CanyonWalker Press is your solution for publishing, please send your inquiry to:

info@canyonwalkerpress.com  for initial conversation.