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Walking the Bridgeless Canyon
Repairing the Breach between the Church
and the LGBT Community

Kathy Baldock, author, LGBT advocate, and executive director of CanyonWalker Connections, is a leading expert on LGBT issues in the United States, especially dealing with historical and current discrimination faced from the socially conservative Christian church and political sector.

Walking the Bridgeless Canyon: Repairing the Breach Between the Church and the LGBT Community pieces together the history behind LGBT persecution in the church. Baldock’s heavily researched, accessible, informational approach helps people understand the LGBT community’s modern plight in terms of how threads of culture, law, science, religion, and politics have contributed to our understanding of this group of people.


What readers say about Walking the Bridgeless Canyon: Repairing the Breach Between the Church and the LGBT Community 

"This ground-breaking, eye-opening book is a first of its kind that pulls together historical facts, evolving religious attitudes, changing social norms, and psychological research . . . "

"Every Christian examining the debate on LGBT inclusivity should read Kathy's book, no matter where one ends up on this issue."

"This book will be a lifesaver for a young religious person struggling with his or her sexual orientation or identity." 

"This book was so interesting and full of important information."

"This is the most thoroughly researched and written book on the history of political and religious thought regarding the understanding of and treatment of LGBT people."

"This book includes information that I have never seen published anywhere else, all combined in one place. This is a history of sexuality from cultural, medical, political, and religious perspectives."

"A book that each Christian and ESPECIALLY Christian leaders should read."

"This is a brilliant book with excellent documentation."

"Wow! The amount of research Kathy did for this book is amazing. However, for a book so deeply researched it is still quite readable. I think this book will be a benchmark for information on the topic for years to come.


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Openly Gay Openly Christian

The Bible really is a gay-friendly and affirming says Rev. Samuel Kader as he shows in his ground-breaking book what lessons can be learned from Scripture, history and experience. Here in direct language, we find what is really contained in the Bible regarding homosexuality and gay relationships, and the results are truly surprising.

Jonathan, an Old Testament Israelite, was probably not only gay but in love with the same man (David) as a sister. Both brother and sister had a marriage ceremony of life commitment to King David in the Biblical account. But David declared he love Jonathan the most. Ruth proclaimed undying love and commitment to her dear Naomi, and the words were so powerful that at heterosexual weddings ever since, people repeat the same vows at the altar.

These issues and more are explored by Rev. Samuel Kader, a pastor in the flow of the gay Christian movement since 1975. Scriptural and anecdotal evidence is given to show that "gay and Christian" is a powerful move of God on earth. Rev. Kader's pastoral and personal insights make his pioneering book a must-read for all ages.




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The First Stone

"What an adorable child!" many people must have said when first meeting the precocious little girl on the front cover. Like a beautiful sunset before a long storm, her life was about to enter emotional turbulence that would last for decades. Can one innocent child endure years of abuse, rejection and condemnation and emerge from that with emotional health and spiritual stability? Can you or your loved ones hope for eventual peace from the storm? The First Stone reads like a novel with surprising twists and the unexpected, but ends with a survivor, a true overcomer. The First Stone will expand your understanding of God's grace and offer you reassurance during the worst of your trials.


by Samiel Kalin



I met Samiel Kalin on a plane ride from Dallas to New Orleans just a week before her book was to be published. I could tell she was bursting with excitement and she told me about her book and some of her story. I bought this book as soon as it came out because I wanted to read this remarkable and interesting woman's story. The book is well written and from the first sentence pulls you through. It is unbelievable the pain and cruelty this woman has suffered in the name of religious righteousness. The fact that she has not just survived but has thrived and grown and forgiven is a testament to the incredible strength of her spirit. I salute her and wish her all the best and hope we will see more writings from her. It was an honor to meet this woman and have her share a little of her life with me on that plane ride to NOLA.
By Suzanne Breedlove


The First Stone is an unembellished painting of how Samiel began systematically to take back the power she naturally invested in all those who hurt, abandoned and rejected her. She gradually disassembled and eventually ground to dust the demons...each time she was called to bury one loved after another. It is her focused insight and the clarity of her understanding that will be a powerful inspiration to anyone struggling to right themselves and find their own way. I see the work Samiel has done in this book as a healing balm that she has generously shared with us all.

Bobbie Vash, M.Ed., LPC, CRC
Transition Counselor






It's Just Me

IT’S JUST ME is a true story about Cecilia Wilson’s real life test. As a young boy growing up in the early 1960’s, he knew he was different, but didn’t know how to explain it. He’d been prophesied over that he was going to be a preacher when he grew up. But, what was he supposed to do about his gender identity? He could not reconcile his love for God and desire to be a preacher with the belief that God’s plan for him was to be a Transgender woman. For 24 years, he wrestled within himself trying to make sense out of the chaos of his life. It was like a battle raging in his mind, heart and body all at the same time. In August of 1990, Cecilia transitioned and became a woman. In February 2009, Cecilia, and her life partner June, created the “Transgenders of Faith” ministry to help other Christians answer their questions, of “Does God love me? Can I be true to myself and be saved?” Yes! He does love you just the way you are, and you can be saved.

Today, Cecilia is a preacher, a conference speaker, and an author. She has committed her life to helping T-Girls and Transmen understand that you are not a mistake, or freak of nature. You were created in the image and likeness of God to be the person he intended for you to be. You can live in true freedom through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.